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Twin Wall Flue Systems

If your property lacks a chimney then we can supply a flue for your stove using an external twin wall flue system in either a stainless finish or powder coated black option. There are situations where it is necessary to install an external twin walled flue system. Many new build properties lack both a flue and a chimney breasts, for example. Twin wall flue pipe is a "clip-together" chimney system that can be used to safely take the combustion gases from a wood burning stove out to the atmosphere.

Twin wall flue is a steel tube flue insulated with approximately an inch of insulation between the outer and inner walls. The insulation is necessary to keep the gases hot. Were you to use non-insulated flue pipe for the whole of your chimney then the gases would be likely cool too much and start to slow rather than rise. This causing the smoke underneath to "dam" and come out of the vents in your stove instead of the top of your chimney. Cooling gases also form condensation which forms on the inner walls of the flue and runs down into the stove.

These flue systems allow our you to have a wood burning or multi-fuel stove in your home or other structure where a traditional masonry chimney breast is not present. This means you can have a stove in an extension, wooden building, office extension or anywhere that needs extra heat in the coldest times of the year. As with all our installations the installation of twin wall flue systems is carried out in accordance with the standards required by HETAS.

Featured Flue System Projects

External Twin Wall Rigid Flue

This Firefox 5kw multifuel stove was fitted into a property with no existing chimney. A false chimney breast was constructed and the stove installed connected to a stainless steel insulated flue running up the end of the property.