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Fireplace resizing

Should your fireplace need redesigning to accommodate your new stove, Yorkshire Stove Solutions are happy to offer a resizing service at a great price. We can discuss your personal requirements and ensure the work is completed to a very high standard that complies with all the relevant building regulations. With our experience we know how to build a fireplace that is not only eye catching but also built to last.

With over 25 years combined building experience we understand that regardless of the age of your property the fireplace might not suit your present requirements. Over the years there have been varying trends regarding fire places. For example in Victorian houses you'd most probably have had a modest fireplace in each room including the bedrooms and at least one range in your home. These have generally been blocked up over the years and although a Victorian fireplace might be considered an attractive feature in a bedroom now, it's unlikely most of us would consider lighting it. Another example were the conspicuous stone fireplaces of the 1970s, great rustic stone edifices eating into the available space of the room. These, again, have mainly been removed over the intervening period.

Many new build properties lack both a flue and a chimney breasts. This doesn't mean that these properties cannot have a stove fitted. We can advise on an exterior twin walled flue system and the design and construction of a feature chimney breast to accommodate the stove of your choice.

FEATURED Fireplace Resizing PROJECTS

Inglenook Built and Stove Installed

This inglenook fireplace was constructed after removal of a gas fire. It was then rendered and a slate hearth added. This Esse 100 stove was then installed