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Chimney Liners

There are many benefits to installing a flue liner. That said we will never insist a liner is fit where it is not required.

It is considered best practice to install a liner, as it greatly aids keeping the flue warm and so helps with the "draw" on the smoke from your stove. Draw is the upward draft created by the moving air in your chimney. The greater draw on your chimney generally means more efficient operation and burning of your selected stove. Chimney liners are constructed from stainless steel and come with varying service life periods that are linked to the cost of the liner (the more expensive liners are rated to last longer).

During your free survey Yorkshire Stove Solutions will fully examine your chimney and fireplace, and give you a comprehensive report on any work to be carried out. If a liner is needed from a safety point of view or we feel one is required to maintain warmth in your chimney we will explain why.

There are obvious benefits to using a chimney or flue liner. A flue liner will substantially decrease your chimney volume. Consequently, higher temperatures will be maintained and flue gases will travel faster, generating a greater and more consistent draft. When possible, flue liners should be insulated, increasing flue temperature. A warm flue will collect less deposit, cleaning will be much easier and condensation should not occur in the flue. It is possible to clean a lined flue well, leaving the liner almost as clean as new. It is rarely possible to remove all deposits that accumulate in unlined flues as there are always holes and corners a brush does not reach.

Featured Chimney Liner Projects

Inglenook Fireplace with Oak Mantle

This Hunter stove was installed onto a flexible flue liner after a rendered inglenook opening was constructed togther with a slate hearth and oak beam.